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Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus)
Chipmunks - General Information
 The Eastern chipmunk is the most common found in New England. The body usually measures 5" to 6" in length & the tail is 3" to 5". The fur is reddish brown on top, 2 dark stripes flanked by 2 white stripes on either side of the back & white belly fur. The fur tail is brown, with darker stripes. Chipmunks are ground dwelling mammals that dig tunnels about 2" in diameter with a primary entrance next to a solid object, and secondary exits often in open areas. They prefer deciduous woodland areas and are frequently seen near forest edges, fallen logs, large rocks or stone walls. Their diet consists of nuts, seeds, & grains. The mouth is small, but its cheeks can expand to 3 times its head size.

 Chipmunks are a social animal, in that both the male and female raise the young. Mating usually occurs in early spring, with an average of 3 to 5 young. There is usually only 1 litter per year. They hibernate from late fall to early spring, waking to eat every few weeks. Their burrows contain stored food and are filled with leaves for a nest. Removing yard debris is the most effective means for control. This will discourage the chipmunk, and it will relocate to a more suitable area.