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Termite Control Service

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Winchester Pest Control has over 30 years of termite control experience and offers complete subterranean termite control service that includes a renewable termite control service agreement along with seasonal or annual inspections. This type of service includes:

  • The professional knowledge of wood destroying insect biology & habits
  • A termite inspection & identification of a variety of structural insect pests
  • Qualified training in different types of building foundation & framing construction
  • The experience needed for the often complex aspects of controlling infestation areas
  • Professional knowledge of the most current & effective pesticides for termite control
  • Professional knowledge for a variety of the latest termite treatment techniques & options
  • The ability to differentiate types of wood destroying insect evidence and/or wood damage
  • Complete documentation of pesticide products & procedures used for real estate transactions
  • Specialized treatment tools & professional equipment that are necessary for complete & thorough structural pest control service

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