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Vole (microtus-pennsylvanicus)
Voles - General Information
 Voles are mouse-like rodents with compact robust bodies. Their color is grayish to blackish brown and when fully grown they can measure five to eight inches long including the tail. Their life span is 2 to 16 months, they can begin breeding after only 3 weeks of age, the gestation period is usually 3 weeks, they produce 4 to 6 offspring per litter, and with as many as 10 litters per season.

 No wonder they are notorious for going through unpredictable population cycles that occasionally spin out of control. Voles spend most of their time below ground in their burrow system that have multiple openings of about 1 ½" to 2". Their home range is usually a few hundred square feet and they feed on a variety of grasses, tree bark & roots, and other plants. Voles store seeds & other plant matter in their underground chambers. The distinctive on-the-surface runways, (which may be partially hidden by grasses and weeds), and the small numerous burrow openings are the main signs of activity.

 Heavy mulch and dense vegetative cover encourage voles by providing food and protection from predators and environmental stresses. Be careful handling dead voles as they are known to host various diseases such as plague and Lyme disease, though there are no known reports of voles as vectors of disease to humans.

Please refer to the ~ Rodents - General Information ~ section.